Selling With Sheri Nixon

Living, Loving, and Listing Hilton Head

…….. I work the area, know the neighborhoods and see where the buyers are. Working together, we’ll find the right buyer for your home, townhome, or villa and manage a smooth transition from this house to your next.

It’s a Partnership

I’m open, upfront, and approachable. We’ll work together closely to make sure we’re always on target. Communication is key. You call, I answer, you text, I respond.

Meet and Greet

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and how to best achieve them. We’ll cover our home selling strategy, the steps to selling a house successfully with a detailed marketing plan and I’ll give you an idea what you’ll net after expenses. I want to get to know both you and your home. If we decide we make a good fit, we’ll hit the ground running.

Once Your Ready To Go…

…we’ll get to work scheduling the photographer. We’ll get started on our online presence including your custom listing on and Facebook marketing. We’ll work on our offline strategy and our real estate networking with active agents in the area about your upcoming home. We want to generate a buzz and make sure everyone knows about your house to hopefully attract multiple offers.

A Large Network

Experience has its benefits. My team of professionals from photographers to handymen have been vetted over the years bringing you the best people for getting your house ready to sell.

A Real Negotiator 

A negotiation strategy is one of the most important steps to selling a house and the key to structuring the best terms to ensuring a successful sale. I worked hard to earn my clients trust and I strive at every step to fight for you!

Effective Real Estate Marketing

We’re innovators. Embracing the world of tech is exciting and we love it! We’re always testing and tweaking our marketing to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Personalized Marketing

Every home has a story. We personalize our real estate marketing specifically for your home and  to speak to buyers and appeal to what’s most important to them.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is just one tool we use to get your home in front of buyers. It’s a great way to share and we maximize reach through targeted advertising.

Want to learn more about selling your property? Let’s connect!

Just complete the form below and I’ll get right back to you. You can also contact me at 843-301-2688 via a text or call.