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 Instagram Inspiration 

If you’ve been following the Living On Hilton Head Island Facebook page, then you know how much all of us love Instagram! With over 400 million users there are more than enough pictures to scroll through to occupy many hours of your day. However, apart from silly cat memes, Instagram can be a very useful tool when it comes to inspiring you in your decorating and real estate dreams! In fact, when you follow the right accounts, you can stay on the cutting edge of so many things which relate to style trends and home decor. You can also use Instagram to narrow down your areas of focus or learn from other people’s mistakes and blunders when it comes to design, function, and (our favorite) colors schemes.

Of course, with all the millions of pictures it can be very overwhelming to pick people to follow and daunting when trying to start if you’re not well versed on good accounts to follow. Below we’re going to let you in on a few Instagram accounts that follow: from amazing florists, to exceptional architects, and one of the coolest accounts we’ve found (in our opinion) that features amazing pictures of trees! Yes, just trees, but see for yourself… Enjoy our picks!

Sheri Nixon Realtor

The Front Door Project

You can’t go very far on Instagram without running into Deb Cohen, who runs @thefrontdoorproject. I know we’re here in the Lowcountry, but everyone can still use a dose of quaint New England homes. The Front Door Project features superb pictures of (you guessed it) front doors. Deb’s account has grown into a great Blog and a soon to be released coffee table book.


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Christian Daw Design

This is an unlikely account we came across run by Minnesota attorney Christian Daw. A quick scroll however and you will see he has an exceptional eye for details. His account features amazing homes throughout the Great Lakes area by regional architects, homes he finds, and pics from some of his design clients. He moonlights as an interior decorator. Make sure to follow @christiandawdesign


Instagram Accounts You need To Follow

The Well Dressed House

With over 4,000 photos, there’s something for everybody, as long as you have good taste! Featuring exquisite pictures of amazing coastal homes and tons of divine interiors, you will eagerly await the next post. If you are in need of some interior decorating skills, then this is the place to see how the pros do it.  Also one of the best accounts if you’re into kitchen design. See it here @thewelldressedhouse

Top Real Estate Instagram Accounts

Figs & Twigs

A personal and business account from Janice Morrow, a florist based in Newport Beach, CA. Her floral creations and photography skills are hard to rival. Janice has one of those accounts that astounds you not just because of the pictures, but because of the fact that most of the pictures are taken with a cellphone! As with many accounts, there are some folks out there with a great eye and an uncanny ability to edit photos on a phone. Is there a wedding or garden party in your future? This account is for you @figgsandtwiggs

Good Instagram To Follow

Architecture Of Charleston

How can we not follow a local account when it comes to architecture and design? Based just up the coast in Charleston, SC, this account highlights some of the beautiful old homes throughout the historic district and beyond. We particularly like this account for seeing more traditional house styles and historically accurate colors. The best part is trying to find one the featured houses on your next visit to downtown Charleston! Take a peek here @architectureofcharleston

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Woodwork Craft

We’re timber frame house lovers at heart, so this is one account we always go back too. The feed is filled with amazing rustic interiors, quaint cabins, and lots of amazing furniture. If you’re looking to build a new home and need a few rustic touches to bring to the Lowcountry, you will find your inspiration here. Many of the pictures blend hearty wood pieces with traditional interiors and style. Get ready to hit the like button. @woodworkcraft 

Keller Williams Instagram Accounts To Follow

Posh Pedlar

After falling in love with Downton Abbey, learning about Henry VIII in The Tudors, and blazing through The Crown… don’t we all have a soft spot for anything British? Not every picture is amazing, but the good ones more than make up for it. This is the business account for the English antique shop of the same name, and its feed is full of fantastic homes and things for sale. Self described as the best spot for the quirky and curious collector. @poshpedlar

Sheri Nixon Instagram Picks


Run by Oslo designer Vibeke J. Dyremyhr, this account is focused on interior design with a few exterior pictures thrown in for good measure. We’re not sure where all the pictures come from, but with an average of 7,000 likes per post, you know they’re pretty amazing. Lots of bedrooms and living rooms here…all in wonderful coastal colors that need to be copied! Norwegian, but far, far from anything related to Ikea! @interior_delux

Sheri Nixon Picks The Best Instagram Accounts

Rustic Trades

Have you ever wanted to write a coffee table book? I have, all about dining room tables (believe it or not) and this account is one of the reasons. Rustic Trades builds the most amazing tables that have ever graced a dining room… to as far away as Quebec from their shop in Atlanta, GA. Craftsman Clay Adams photo journals his process from his wood shop to customers’ homes as he crafts beautiful heirloom-quality dining tables. You’ll want your next family dinner to be around one of these! @rustrictrades 


Be sure to check out a close runner up: Landrum Tables, based right here in SC. @landrumtables 

Keller Williams Agent Sheri Nixon Picks Instagram Accounts

Tree Magic

We follow a lot of different accounts on Instagram, from European Castles to pictures of abandoned buildings, and lots of stuff in between…but we always hit the like button here. No matter what your tase, Tree Magic is an account you must follow. Its feed is filled with stunning shots of trees and landscapes from around the world and will quite possibly inspire you to be a photographer. It makes any National Geographic look like a high school project. @treemagic

Looking For Great Instagram Accounts

There are so many amazing Instagram accounts to follow it’s hard to just pick a few. On our team, some of us follow over 200 accounts and it is easy to miss your favorite posters and their latest pictures. We want to hear from you guys; what are some accounts we should be following? Let us know on our Facebook Page, follow the link to leave us a comment: Living On Hilton Head Island Facebook

The Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts Picked By Sheri Nixon